"I feel that this is a great church and I am so blessed to be a member here."
— David Heiderscheid

We believe that the following values are deeply important to our spiritual lives.

We strive to center our activities around these values, because we believe that they are important steps to grow our relationship with God.
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We believe that church shouldn't be boring, mundane or lifeless.  It should be alive, exciting and filled with energy.  Our services are designed  to make people aware of the goodness of God, drawing them into His presence and giving them an opportunity to be changed forever.

We are a multi-ethnic community made up of people who are at all different places in their spiritual journey.  If you're looking for a place...where you will feel like a part of a family...where Jesus is real and relevant...and where the Holy Spirit is free to move...then Christ Church International may be the place for you.

We are passionate about creating relevant and safe environments where people of all ages can take steps forward on their journey of following Jesus.  We have something for the whole family.

And don’t forget to come and visit Connecting Point Café for your Sunday morning cup of coffee!  We look forward to seeing you!