General Information

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is located in the Lobby of Christ Church International and is open before and after our Sunday morning worship service. If you are new to Christ Church International or need information about events or activities, please stop by and visit with one of our Welcome Centers hosts.

Church Business Meetings

Our Annual Business Meeting is held the last Sunday of April each year. The meeting is held for all members of Christ Church International, but is open to all who attend the church. The business meeting highlights the events and activities by department for the past year as well as financial and missions updates for the church. There are also Town Hall meetings held several times throughout the year.


Our membership class is a half-day session where you learn about the vision, values, mission and purpose of Christ Church International. This session is required for membership and is a great opportunity for getting to know others while learning what we believe, the history of the church and how the church is structured to minister to you. Following the class, there will be a recognition service to welcome you to the church. The membership class is held several times throughout the year. For more information, contact the church office at 612.722.6687.

Water Baptism

Water Baptism is not Salvation, the gift of Salvation is given to us by God through His grace and acknowledging the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We encourage obedience to the Lord’s command of Water Baptism by immersion (Mt. 28:18-19). This act symbolically declares that a believer’s old sinful life died with Christ and that a new spiritual life with Christ has been raised. Therefore, in order to be considered for baptism, a person's life should reflect their new life in Christ and their commitment to obeying his Word. Candidates for Water Baptism must be of an age and understanding that they need to have a personal experience with God. We fully immerse the candidate in water symbolically representing the death and resurrection. Water Baptism is simply a person choosing to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings, openly proclaiming that you are a Christian. We baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19-20. Water Baptism takes place several times throughout the year. For more information, contact the church office at 612.722.6687.

Baby Dedication

A Baby Dedication is an opportunity to thank God for the precious gift of your child. This special time is reserved for the parents, family and friends of the child to gather on stage allowing the pastors of Christ Church International to pray a blessing upon the entire family. The dedication is also an opportunity to publicly declare your intentions to raise your child in a Christian home. Finally, dedication at Christ Church International is a family time when parents commit themselves to abiding by biblical principles and raising their children according to God's standards. Not only are you dedicating your child to God, but you are also dedicating yourselves as parents to Christ and the church. You are committing yourselves to maintain a Christian home in which Christ is honored and the Word of God is held in reverence. Prior to our Baby Dedication service, parents will attend a special Faith@Home class centered around our dedication service.

Contact the church office, for more information.