Sunday Live June 14 2020


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I Am Who He

Says I Am

by Pastor Darrell Geddes

Won’t He Do It 

by Pastor Darrell Geddes

Worship Experience 7-5-2020

Worship Experience 6-28-2020

Do You Have A Reason To Be Angry 6-21-2020

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This Time Must Be Different 6-7-2020

Unrest, Healing and Hope 5-30-2020

Relentless Repentance 5-24-2020

Repentance 5-17-2020

Don’t Waste A Crisis 5-10-2020

Turn To Me 5-3-2020

It’s Time To Turn 4-26-2020

Relentless In Our Trust, David 4-19-2020

Worship Experience 4-12-2020

Relentless In Our Trust, Gideon 4-4-2020

Relentless In Our Trust, Taking Our Jericho 3-28-2020

Relentless In Our Trust, Joshua 3-22-20